Noble college students are taught by a team of highly qualified professional educators, who share their expertise and best global practices. The diverse and rich experience of our faculty members result in students being exposed to different innovative influences and thinking processes. Their varied backgrounds, wealth of knowledge and experience translate into giving the students an impeccable edge in terms of learning and employment. These experts have the skill to inculcate learning with utmost zeal and passion. Around 55 academic experts take continuous care of the learning requirements of our students and expose them to specific intricacies of functional areas of global education.




1 Mrs.Ch.Bharathi Principal 25years
2 Mr.P.Chengaiah Naidu Lecturer in Commerce 25 years
3 Mrs. T.L. Radha Lecturer in Pub. Administration 21years
4 Mr. C. Subramanyam Raju Lecturer in Political Science 21 years
5 Mr. Anjan Reddy Lecturer in Commerce 21 years
6 Mrs. Suchitha Lecturer in Chemistry 20 years
7 Mrs. Ayesha Azmath Lecturer in English 20 years
8 Mrs. Padmaja Lecturer in Physics 20 years
9 Mrs. Prameela Lecturer in Botony 19 years
10 Mrs. Anitha Lecturer in Electonics 6 years
11 Mrs.Sharada Jyotsna Lecturer in Commerce 25 years
12 Mr.Sridhar reddy Lecturer in Commerce 25 years
13 Mrs. Mary Christana Lecturer in Zoology 25 years
14 Mr. Jyothna Nagini Lecturer in Maths 16 years
15 Mr.Ganeshan Lecturer in Commerce 18 years
16 Mrs.K.Swayamprabha Lecturer in Maths 4 years
17 Mrs. Kanaka Durga Lecturer in Microbiology 13 years
18 Mrs. C. Bharati Lecturer in Commerce 27 years
19 Mr. Vasudeva Chary Lecturer in Staticstics 14 years
20 Mrs. Masood Ali Khan Lecturer in Commerce 11 years
21 Mr. K. Ramesh Lecturer in History 12 years
22 Mr.M.Kamraju Lecturer in Geography 1 year
23 Mrs.Aruna Lecturer in Economics 8 years
24 Mrs. Surya Kumari Lecturer in English 20 years
25 Mrs. Sharthika Lecturer in Computers 7 years
26 Mr. A.V Pramod Lecturer in Computer Science 14 years
27 Ms. B.Sunanda Lecturer in Computer Science 1 year
27 Mr.Aravind Kumar Lecturer in Computers 12 years
28 Mrs. Srujana Bharati Lecturer in Chemistry 6 years
29 Mrs. Sindhu Lecturer in Chemistry 5 years
30 Mrs. Dwaraka Das Lecturer in Hindi 25 years
31 Mrs. P. Lakshmi Lecturer in Sanskrit 19 years
32 Mr. Mohsin Ali Lecturer in Arabic 17 years
33 Mrs. Swarnalatha Lecturer in Telugu 10 years
34 Mrs. P. Revathi Lecturer in Nutrition 10 years
35 Mr. Grandhi Srinivas Rao Lecturer in Economics 20 years
36 Mr. Sultana Begum Lecturer in Botany 20 years