Noble College has its three multi-storeyed buildings at Moosarambagh. The first building has six floors with 40 well-ventilated lecture halls. Adjacent to it’s a second three storeyed building serves the purpose of the laboratories. In addition, we have a neighbouring multi-storeyed building with 36 well-furnished and airy lecture halls. Thus Noble College campus provides its students and ideal atmosphere for dedicated study.


Efforts are commendable in terms of resources and infrastructure support. The college provides excellent infrastructural facilities with spacious and furnished class rooms, well equipped laboratories, modern computer centre (120 computers) , seminar hall, etc.


Noble College library is a store house of valuable books. It is a boon to our students. It has a large collection of books pertaining to subjects of study at the under graduate & P.G level. There are books of general interests. Some costly books are kept for reference. The reading room has a variety of journals, periodicals and daily newspapers. The students are advised to maintain the books in good condition. The books in the library are precious collection and should remain a rich legacy for future generations to come.

Noble College strives to bridge the gap between theory and practice. All the laboratories are well-equipped and sophisticated with excellent facilities available. The college is a centre for various branches of science subjects.


Noble college has well-sophisticated computer labs with adequate number of latest Pentium systems for the use of B.Sc & B.Com students.

Physics Lab
Physics laboratory is well-equipped with latest apparatus, advanced optical and measuring instruments to conduct experiments.


Electronics Lab
Electronics lab is supplied with latest hardware chips and other required instruments. The lab is equipped with comprehensive lab facilities.


The college has two fully equipped labs with required number of instruments, glass ware, etc, with sufficient quantity of chemicals.

Microbiology Lab
The lab is provided with latest equipment to conduct practical’s. It has all the facilities to work safely on new bacterial systems.

English Lab
English lab is provided with advanced computer systems ear phones, & multi-media kit. It plays a very important role in improving the communication skills of the students. This Lab is used by B.A., B.Com & B.Sc students